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I think a lot about home, and what it is. I’ll never forget the feeling of coming back from my first backpacking trip and sighing as I sank blissfully into my own bed and woke to the sound of birds and fresh cut grass. I had missed home. And yet… it wasn’t the same. It never is. Such is the song traveler’s have been singing since they set off toward the horizon and returned. The same and changed all at once.

Familiarity and comfort can be a soft lullaby, but once you have a taste of what the world has to offer it’s siren song can keep you awake at night. Dreaming of new places, new people, new experiences.

And it’s this call to wander that keeps pulling me forward. Keeps me hopeful and excited. It took me to Europe at 22, to Chicago when I was 23, to working on cruise ships at 25, to Louisville at 32 and now saving for a longer extended trip within the next year.